ATP’s NAND Outlook for 2022

ATP NAND Supply Not Impacted by Current Crisis Due to Long-Term Supplier Agreements and Long-Term Wafer Supply Planning


As NAND flash memory and storage manufacturers continue to reel from the anticipated NAND shortage in Q2, ATP Electronics is assuring its valued partners and customers that all ATP products are currently not impacted. The company is capable of meeting already-forecasted orders and new projects engaged already with ATP. Key customers with new requirements can continue to work with ATP on a normal basis without supply continuity issues.


ATP’s Assurance


ATP has already aligned 2022 supply via previously secured long-term agreements, which assure that NAND storage needs are met throughout the year.Over the past years, ATP has heavily revamped its approach to working with its supply base in the face of all the supply challenges encountered. While always working towards establishing long-term relationships, ATP is further strengthening this strategy by aligning more security in the supply chain with long-term agreements and other long-term supply commitments. This gives ATP the confidence to support key growth areas, such as 3D TLC NAND, despite the current or future industry turbulence.

Partner Forecast Remains Key


Although ATP has secured supply volume for much of the demand outlook this year on key NAND and DRAM components, ATP underscores that forecast, especially for those areas which are newly ramping in volume or where there is the potential for upside demand, is vital to helping ATP plan for production capacity and for all other materials.  

These are unpredictable times, but through long-term agreements with major suppliers, along with partners’ cooperation in joint long-term planning, 
ATP is certain to weather the storms in the supply chain that continue to hit the industry.

ATP Management Team

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