Importance of Data Security

SecurStor Security Suite

Fortified Security for Mission-Critical Applications

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SecurStor is ATP’s answer to the growing data security concerns in the industry and is integrated into most of ATP’s new or upcoming industrial only flash storage solutions. Its feature set can be customized to the individual requirements of an application or a system and with that helps protect mission-critical applications against unauthorized access to data or systems.

SecurStor’s feature range includes, but goes far beyond, conventionally available data at rest protection mechanisms such as encryption or TCG Opal to assure protection not only of data that is stored in the NAND but can also be used as the foundation for protecting data that is being processed inside a system or sent across a network.



Gone are the days when vehicles were merely modes of transportation, household appliances performed limited functions and machines were just mechanical contraptions. Today, things no longer function in isolation. They communicate and interact with one another, with people, with the environment and essentially with everything that is connected to the vast network commonly called the Internet of Things (IoT), which is increasingly growing and transforming into the Internet of Everything (IoE) While this unstoppable phenomenon is creating limitless opportunities, it is also creating unimaginable security threats and vulnerabilities with the constant generation, movement, processing and storing of data. If prevention and management measures are not in place, such risks could result in substantial financial and legal consequences.

According to the "2018 Cost of a Data Breach" Study conducted by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by IBM Security, the global average cost of a data breach in 2018 amounted to $3.86 million, up 6.4% compared with 2017.  Each stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information cost $148, a 4.8% increase year over year. The table below shows the possible risks and types of protection mechanism typically employed for specific data states:



    Data at Rest

     System-Level & Network-level


    Data stored on media, not in use

    Data in process and/or shared in cloud/network

    Possible risk

    Theft of HW, „unsafe disposal“

    Malware, Spyware, Ransomware, Unauthorized access


    OPAL, eDrive

    ATP custom features


    common controller feature

    limited but growing












Database Security

Databases are large compilations of data, such as customer information, employee information, credit card numbers, phone numbers, financial data and other information that is usually sensitive and confidential. Cybercriminals target databases for the value of the data they hold. Adding to their vulnerability is the fact that several users can access them simultaneously for collection and processing. It is thus crucial that effective data security solutions are in place to protect stored data and make sure that it is kept away from intruders and unauthorized persons who would alter, disclose or distribute the information maliciously.

Public Networks Security

Stolen credentials and illegal access to accounts are among the critical issues that could lead to fraudulent transactions over networks. Mobile devices connecting to banking services for example, are big targets of cybercriminals. Keys and personal information stored in local drives or over networks may be falsely used as authentication credentials, so these should be well protected.

Cloud Data Security

Employees working remotely using their own devices in their home networks could increase security vulnerabilities as they access cloud-based apps and team collaboration apps such as emails, chat, video and file sharing. Data leakage, regulatory compliances depending on geography, abuse of user privileges and poorly managed backups are just a few pervasive cloud data security issues. Security solutions should ensure a trusted environment regardless of where the data is actually located.


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