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ATP Furthers Support of Micron Legacy DRAM Modules


Taipei, Taiwan (March, 2016)ATP, the industry leading Flash storage and DRAM module manufacturer, has expanded support of Micron SDR/DDR1 modules by adding further selected legacy DRAM modules specifically for customers using AMD Embedded/Geode platforms. This shows ATP’s continued efforts from the partnership with Micron, including the license agreement instituted in August 2015.

Micron published the EOL of all SDR/DDR modules last year, and closed the Last Time Ship (LTS) in January 2016. As Micron’s strategic partner, ATP has worked closely and exclusively with Micron to transfer module designs and put utmost effort into the support to offer such modules in selected form factors (SODIMM, UDIMM and RDIMM) and densities with extended longevity and ATP’s services and features for industrial customers.

The license agreement with Micron includes  

  • 100% Micron’s design: To offer extended support and minimize customer’s effort on (re)qualification.
  • 100% compliance with Micron’s BOM selection: To implement the same key components, i.e. IC configuration and Register/PLL type, as well as source passive components, i.e. resistors, capacitors, and EEPROM, which meet the specifications of Micron’s BOM.
  • 100% compliance with Micron’s SPD setting: To implement at SPD in addition to manufacturer’s information.
  • 100% compliance with Micron’s specifications: Each module will be manufactured in accordance to the specifications of the corresponding Micron part number.

For further details about ATP’s legacy DRAM products please contact your local ATP sales representative, or email to info@atpinc.com.

About ATP

ATP is a leading manufacturer of high performance, high quality and durable NAND flash memory solutions as well as DRAM memory modules. With over twenty years of experience in the design, manufacturing and support of memory products, ATP continues to focus on mission critical applications such as industrial automation, telecom, medical and enterprise computing where high levels of technical support, performance consistency and wide operating temperature ranges are required. As a true manufacturer, ATP offers in house design, testing and product tuning. ATP also offers extensive supply chain support with controlled/fixed BOM’s and long product life cycles. For more information on ATP products please visit www.atpinc.com, or contact us at Info@atpinc.com.


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