Velocity SI Lite Industrial Grade SSD
The ATP Velocity SI Lite Industrial Grade SSD, utilizing SLC NAND, is a cost effective alternative for mission-critical industrial applications


The ATP Velocity SI Lite SSD with SATA II interface is specifically designed and engineered for mission critical industrial applications, where high endurance and reliability are required. Utilizing SLC (Single Level Cell) NAND flash components, the ATP Velocity SI Lite SSD offers sequential read speed of up to 181 MB/s and sequential write of up to 133 MB/s.

The Velocity SI Lite SSD is a cost-effective alternative for enterprise and industrial applications, where mission-critical data requires reliability, durability, performance and data integrity.

The ATP Velocity SI Lite SSD also comes with both ATP SMART Life Monitor and NSA compliant SecureErase technologies. ATP S.M.A.R.T. Life Monitor offers flash health feedback to the host and prevents data failure by detecting the percentage of remaining life in the storage device, thus allowing time for a safe storage replacement. ATP SecureErase is designed to purge sensitive data by following protocols from NSA (National Security Agency), and DOD (Department of Defense) standards. ATP Secure Erase ensures complete systematic elimination of data. Additionally, the built-in ATP PowerProtector technology ensures data integrity with reliable controller and NAND flash operations during a sudden power failure by using an onboard backup power circuit.

• SLC-based, ideal for heavy program/erase applications
• Built-in hardware-based data protection technology during power failure - PowerProtector
• 4KB Random Read IOPS: up to 2,700
• NSA Compliant SecureErase and Quick SecureErase
• Advanced S.M.A.R.T. attribute support

ATP PowerProtector

The ATP PowerProtector guarantees reliable controller and lasting NAND flash operations with a backup power circuit during a power failure. The standalone design of PowerProtector ensures a sufficient amount of reserve power for any abnormalities such as unstable voltages and power outages.

To provide further data integrity, ATP PowerProtector technology allows the ATP SSD to intelligently manage read and write process, under a sudden power failure, beating the technical limitations offered by existing power failure protection solutions. Unlike SuperCap, the most common power failure backup solution on the market, PowerProtector offers a standalone hardware design that does not require specific controllers or customized firmware, as the SuperCap designs are sensitive to temperature change and have a tendency of losing capacitance and functionality at extreme temperatures, especially in industrial environments.

Full Manufacturer Support and Product Consistency

Being a true manufacturer gives ATP the ability to support customers with a controlled BOM (Bill of Materials) policy, ensuring both consistent compatibility and performance. ATP also fully supports its customers with product customization and tuning to optimize performance in particular or specialized applications.

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