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ATP "Industrial Only" Memory Cards Meet Healthcare Applications Demands

ATP "Industrial Only" Memory Cards Meet Healthcare Applications Demands

The healthcare industry is facing one of its most severe tests in history. As the upside demand for acquiring reliable data storage integrated into medical devices such as ventilators, clinical simulation systems, and electrocardiographs (ECG) continues to escalate, it has become paramount for medical vendors to evaluate partnering with storage vendors, not just for the short-run to combat the current crisis but also envision and plan for what's to come in the post-pandemic new world.

ATP Electronics has been supplying the medical/healthcare industry with high endurance, reliable SD cards for the past decade. With ATP's experience and support model in serving a large customer base for the medical industry, this resumé has become one of the pivotal ingredients and serves as the core foundation for ATP to leverage and acquire key materials long term. With ATP's differentiator to plan for materials long-term, this materializes in our ability to offer controlled BOM as well as long-term support to our medical partners. The advantages of long-term supply are clearly evident as it trickles down in our capacity to fulfill recent, urgent demands, such as ventilators in aid to save more lives at the medical frontline.

Figure 1. Various Medical systems, applications in a hospital setting

In addition to long-term supply stability, our production efficiency in initialization, content preload as well as labeling of the SD cards formulates a one-stop-shop that would greatly increase efficiency and minimize wait time for the medical systems to be assembled and implemented into the field.

Figure 2. Full Automation machine for SD card initialization

As data storage and management of medical applications’ key requirements are high endurance, reliability, and robustness, these elements clearly echo ATP's renowned product characteristics of offering high endurance, reliable memory and storage products. Furthermore, our proprietary SD Life Monitor tool enables engineers to integrate and calibrate with their built medical systems if such a requirement is needed.

Our world will never be the same, and the ability of the medical/healthcare ecosystem to adapt to the new norm will be critical for the well-being of civilization. With ATP's nearly three decades of experience in offering industrial memory, storage solutions, and one-stop-shop to fulfill the demand of data storage to the medical industry, ATP can surely be an integral cogwheel to help shape and create a better world.

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