512 GB Industrial SD card

ATP Introduces High-Endurance Video Recording, 512 GB Max. Capacity Memory Cards for AI Surveillance Infrastructures



Taipei, Taiwan (March 2024) – ATP Electronics, the global leader in specialized storage and memory solutions, introduces its new S650Si (TLC) and S750Pi (pSLC) Series SD and microSD memory cards built with 176-layer 3D NAND technology and low-density parity check (LDPC) controller.

With expanded capacity offerings up to 512 GB and 5-year extended supply longevity support, the new memory cards are targeted for growing segments spurred by 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and edge technologies, such as AI-enabled surveillance, smart homes, mobile monitoring, automotive recorders, remote healthcare, and security surveillance systems requiring heavy write and re-write usage.

High Endurance: Best-in-Class Cost-per-GB Memory Card Solutions

Native TLC mode

High endurance is critical in any non-stop recording environment. With capacities ranging from 64 GB to 512 GB, the S650Si Series is rated for 5K+ P/E cycles and Terabytes Written (TBW) of up to 2,000 TB.

pSLC configuration

For customers requiring an even higher-endurance solution, the S750Pi Series pseudo single level cell configuration offers up to 100K+ P/E cycles and TBW rating of up to 12,670 TB. These memory cards are available in capacities from 16 GB to 128 GB.

Both configurations are I-Temp operable and feature power loss protection technology, making them suitable for systems installed in extreme conditions with temperature shifts from -40°C to 85°C and unstable power supply settings. Compared with previous-generation ATP SD/microSD offerings, the new memory cards also offer 3X faster sequential write and better sustained writing performance.

The graph below shows that based on 13 Mbps (lowest bitrate of HD recording) tested at 128 GB capacity point, ATP's 176-layer TLC cards do not only deliver extended recording hours compared to competitors with the same storage capacity but also present a cost-effective solution for video recording.


1. Tested using 128 GB ATP S650 TLC card based on 13 Mbps (lowest bitrate of HD recording) in best-case/ideal scenario, with no other influencing factors. 

2. Information sourced by ATP from publicly available data. To record new data, the oldest data will be overwritten when the card is full. 1Mbps=1,000,000 bps

AI Surveillance Infrastructures: We Build With You

With the rapid advancement of AI technology and the proliferation of edge computing infrastructure and applications, ATP is fully capable of addressing diverse, application-specific needs through its mass production infrastructure. ATP-developed firmware and hardware configurations can meet customers’ unique requirements.

ATP SD Life Monitor: Intelligent Workload Inspection

ATP’s SD Life Monitor tool provides “Workload Inspection.” This gives customers a quick look of the write operation and file size by the host systems pre-qualification. The information is presented as a pie graph for ease of monitoring.

Considering the NAND flash page size and FW algorithm, ATP then provides recommendations and more information for the host devices’ program data based on the multiples of minimum data transfer size in SD/microSD card datasheet.

Upon tuning according to workload inspection, ATP’s memory cards exhibited consistent latency performance when compared to untuned memory card solutions.

Stable latency ensures consistent performance even after long-term writing, ensuring good-quality continuous video recording. This is especially important for applications like digital video recorders (DVRs), where unexpected latency can result in frame dropping or low recording quality.

In the following graph, ATP’s TLC solutions with optimized latency (blue) maintain stable performance, which ensures high quality real-time video recording even after long-term writing. In contrast, unoptimized solutions (gray) show latency spiking up after a period of programming. 


Joint Validation Service

ATP performs compatibility and function tests using client-supplied host devices and systems to proactively detect and minimize failures that may not have been caught in production tests. Below are joint validation tests optimized according to application needs.

  • Software Joint Integration
  • Compatibility Study and Test
  • Device Signal Measurement
  • Function/Performance Enhancement
  • Additional tests (e.g., Industrial Standard, Power Cycling Test)
Advanced Card Analysis

System-in-Package (SiP) wafer/die process makes ATP memory cards resistant to water, dust, and shock; however, it also makes it difficult to perform component analysis compared to SMT (surface- mount technology) process. ATP’s uniquely designed substrate and debug tool make post-analysis possible.  


  SDHC / SDXC SDXC microSDHC / microSDXC microSDXC
Product Line
Premium Superior Premium Superior
S750Pi / S750Pc S650Si / S650Sc S750Pi / S750Pc S650Si / S650Sc
Flash Type 3D TLC
(pSLC mode)
(pSLC mode)
Form Factor SD Card microSD Card
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C /
-25°C to 85°C
-40°C to 85°C / -25°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C / -25°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C / -25°C to 85°C
Power Loss Protection Options Firmware Based Firmware Based Firmware Based Firmware Based
Capacity 16GB to 128GB 64GB to 512GB 16GB to 128GB 64GB to 512GB
Sequential Read (MB/s) up to 95 95 95 95
Sequential Write (MB/s) up to 80 80 80 80
Endurance and Reliability
Endurance (TBW)1 up to 12,670 2,000 12,670 2,000
MTBF @ 25°C
>3,000,000 hours >2,000,000 hours >3,000,000 hours >2,000,000 hours
Number of Insertions
20,000 (SDA spec minimum 10,000) 20,000 (SDA spec minimum 10,000) 20,000 (SDA spec minimum 10,000) 20,000 (SDA spec minimum 10,000)
Dimensions 32.0 x 24.0 x 2.1 32.0 x 24.0 x 2.1 15.0 x 11.0 x 1.0 15.0 x 11.0 x 1.0
Warranty 5 years 2 years 5 years 2 years
1 Under highest Sequential write value. May vary by density, configuration and applications.


For more information on ATP’s S750Pi / S750Pc & S650Si / S650Sc SD Cards, visit:


For more information on ATP’s S750Pi / S750Pc & S650Si / S650Sc microSD Cards, visit:


Media Contact on the Press Release: Kelly Lin (Kellylin[at]tw.atpinc.com)

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About ATP

ATP Electronics (“ATP”) has dedicated over 30 years of manufacturing excellence as the premier provider of memory and NAND flash storage products for rigorous embedded/industrial/automotive applications. As the “Global Leader in Specialized Storage and Memory Solutions,” ATP is known for its expertise in thermal and high-endurance solutions. ATP is committed to delivering add-on value, differentiation and best TCO for customers. A true manufacturer, ATP manages every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure quality and product longevity. ATP upholds the highest standards of corporate social responsibility by ensuring sustainable value for workers, the environment, and business throughout the global supply chain. For more information on ATP Electronics, please visit www.atpinc.com or contact us at info[at]atpinc.com.

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