SecurStor-enabled SSDs

Key Features

  • SecurEncrypt: AES-256 encryption for the User Data area
  • Opal: Encryption and other features defined for data storage devices by the Trusted Computing Group
  • SecurWipe: Fast, safe and permanent removal of data


Sensitive data that falls into the wrong hands can lead to disastrous consequences - personal safety risks, competitors gaining unfair advantage, trade secrets leaking out, huge business losses and more. It is therefore crucial to ensure security at any stage of processing or storage - for data at rest as well as for data in transit in the system or in a network. When the solid state drive (SSD) reaches end of life or is repurposed, it is also important that all data has been wiped out and can not be recovered by someone who got access to the SSD.

ATP SecurStor-enabled SATA & PCIe SSDs are available with the following features:*
• Data at Rest Security Features, including SecurEncrypt, TCG OPAL, Microsoft eDrive
• SecurWipe - ensuring fast and safe removal of all data
• SecurOS and SecurBoot - enabling SSDs to assure they have not been compromised before they boot up and log on to a network and may include self-healing mechanisms in case invalid data is detected

*Actual availability of specific features may vary by product and capacity. Please contact ATP for details.

In addition, a wide range of customer- and application-specific features are available on request to protect against unauthorized access to an SSD, system or network, to define read/write access restrictions (including WORM) or to validate content that is to be stored on the SSD.

ATP SecurStor-enabled SATA and PCIe SSDs are an ideal fit for industrial, embedded or automotive applications that require secure boot and authentication, data integrity verification or other protection mechanisms. Those include:

• Point-of-sale (POS) systems
• Data Center and Cloud
• Federal/Government/Defense applications
• Connected devices in an IoT/IIoT ecosystem


SecurStor enabled SSD features
Product LineSecurStor Security Suite
UniqueID*Hardware based product identification, using physically unclonable function (PUF) technology where needed.
SecurBoot**Ensures the integrity and validity of the storage device’s firmware image.
SecurUpdate**Ensures the integrity and validity of any update to the firmware.
SecurAccess**Password-protected access to all or part(s) of the User Data area.
SecurOS**Ensures the integrity and validity of the operating system or application image stored in the User Data Area.
SecurCopy**Pairs the storage device with a specific type of customer device to prevent illegal copying.
SecurWrite**Puts the device into “Write-Once” mode.
SecurEncrypt*AES-256 encryption for the User Data area.
TCG Opal*and other features defined for data storage devices by the Trusted Computing Group.
SecurWipe**Fast, safe and permanent removal of data by deleting the encryption key.

* Default   ** Optional  


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