Key Features

  • Micron Continuity Program
  • Featuring -40~95°C working temperature
  • Featuring 266/333/400 MT/s transfer speeds
  • 30µ Golden Finger


Double Data Rate (DDR), also known as DDR1, is the second generation of Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM). As its name implies, double data rate refers to its ability to read and write data on both the rising and falling of the system clock to achieve nearly twice the bandwidth of single data rate (SDR) SDRAM. 

JEDEC developed the DDR SDRAM specification (JESD79) in 2000 and was an advancement over SDRAM technology with increased memory bandwidth and performance. ATP DDR1 modules have 266/333/400 MT/s transfer speeds and run at 2.5V, significantly cutting power consumption compared with SDRAM's 3.3V.

Micron endorses ATP as a partner to support selected SDR/DDR DRAM Modules
Under a license agreement with Micron Technology, Inc. signed in August 2015, ATP will continue to manufacture legacy (SDR/DDR) DRAM modules for Micron’s customers who are unable to migrate. The agreement was expanded in 2016 with the addition of selected legacy DRAM modules specifically for customers using AMD Embedded/Geode platforms.

The expanded coverage demonstrates the strong partnership between ATP and Micron. As a strategic partner, ATP works closely and exclusively with Micron to transfer module designs and extend long-term support to offer the legacy modules in selected form factors (SO-DIMM, UDIMM and RDIMM) and densities, along with ATP’s unique services and features.

The license agreement stipulates the following conditions for ATP:

•100% follow Micron’s design. Offer extended support for these legacy products to minimize the customer’s (re)qualification efforts.
•100% follow Micron’s BOM selection. Implement the same key components (such as IC configuration and Register/PLL type), as well as passive components (such as resistors, capacitors and EEPROM) to meet the specifications of Micron’s BOM.
•100% follow Micron’s firmware settings. Implement SPD in addition to the manufacturer’s information.
•100% follow Micron’s specifications. Each module will be manufactured to the equivalent specifications and test processes of the corresponding Micron part number.


Data Rate Speed (MT/s)400 / 333 / 266400 / 333 / 266400 / 333 / 266400 / 333 / 266400 / 333 / 266
PCB Height1.125" / 1.2" 1.25" 1.25" 1.25" 1.25"
Density1 GB / 2GB256M512MB128 MB / 256 MB / 512 MB / 1 GB256 MB / 512 MB / 1GB
Working Temperature0-70°C / -40-95°C0-70°C / -40-95°C0-70°C / -40-95°C0-70°C / -40-95°C0-70°C / -40-95°C
Golden Finger30µ30µ30µ30µ30µ

* Available on a project basis.


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