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Interface / Form Factor

Standard, connector, size and physical configurations
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Operating Temperature

Refers to Case Temperature range during device operation, as indicated by SMART temperature attributes.
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Power Loss Protection (PLP) protects both the SSD and data already stored in it as well as data being written to it during a power failure. ATP's PLP solutions include firmware-only or hardware-and-firmware options.
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Self-Encrypting Drive

Allows data written to and read from the SSD to be constantly and automatically encrypted and decrypted. Conforms to TCG Opal 2.0 and uses AES 256-bit HW encryption.
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User Storage Capacity

Amount of actual usable storage that user can utilize
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DWPD (Drive Writes Per day)

Measures how many times the SSD’s entire capacity can be written to every day for 2 years based on JESD219’s enterprise workload definition. Approximate DWPD ratings for the following workloads: 1 DWPD or lower - read intensive; 1 to 3 - mixed workload; above 3 - write intensive.
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